We all have things we use daily and can’t live without. Well I am going to show you what my 5 things are. They are important to me and I think I would die without them… Just kidding 😉

My phone (obviously)

Everyone has a phone these days. And it’s normal because life is changing and evolving. I love my phone because I can send my friends. I can call someone if something is urgent. And share my life on social media. I think living without a phone is impossible for almost everyone. So don’t blame me that this one is in my list.


Well music is a part of my everyday routine. I hear music the second i wake up because of my alarm. I put it on when i make myself ready for school. Listen with earphones/headphones to it when i am on the bus and sometimes i fall asleep with it. My 3 favs for listening to music are: Earphones: so easy and small. Dr Dre beats: I recently purchased this one and literally fell in love with it. It is easy to use and gives you such great sounds. Last but not least is the UE Boom box. When you are home or wanna go to a picknick this one is perfect and the sound is amazing. Bonus, you can connect this box with your friends’ boxes for ultra sound. You should try it.


This product is SOSOSO good. You can use it for your lips, it’s very nourishing and gives you a nice shine. I also use it on my skin. Every time i have a scar, bruise, dry skin,… I put this on it. It protects the skin and smoothens it. But you can use it for so much more! For example. I want big lashes and mine have always been short. So every time i go to sleep i put this on my lashes. It makes them longer, stronger and thicker. Well they are more stronger, thicker. I use this product every day and i can’t live without it.

Lip balm

If you know me personally, then you know i am obsessed with lip balm. I want to have smooth lips all day every day. In every purse is at least 1 lip balm. I love it when my lips get a nourishing feeling paired with a beautiful glow. Tatcha Gold Spun Camellia Lip Balm: is so good. It feels very refreshing and hydrated because of the camellia oil. The 23-karat gold flakes gives you that perfect shine. Mac lip conditioner: This product gives you a deeply nourishing feeling while not feeling too heavy on the lips. Caudalie lip conditioner: It lays a thick layer on your lips, and stays very long.

My family and friends

Family and friends are such an important thing in my life! So ofcourse I can’t live without them!