Those cold winter days are giving me shivers. So getting warm dressed in the morning is a must for me. But how do you do that without looking like a … Well here are 5 winter outfits so that you can look good and keep warm at the same time.

Look 1: Cap season

Okay, this one is not totally black but still perfect for the winter! Combining a white sweater with a turtle neck and checkered black and white pants. Black shoes and a small purse. Throw over one of your favorite colorful cardigans. This gives you a pop of color. Wearing a cap to keep those ears warm. And it’s cute wearing one. You can style this look with some cute gold rings and a big gold necklace over your sweater!

Look 2: black and white

Do you also have days that you are just feeling like black and white. Well I have. And this look is PERFECT for it. Put on a white sweater with turtle neck and black pants. (Or switch it around: black sweater with white pants) A long warm jacket. White shoes and black purse. Put on some cute jewellery and a cap to keep these ears warm.

Look 3: Pop of color

I love headgear in the winter. And although I don’t wear hats that much, it is such a cute look! Combining this with black pants and an oversized sweater in a bright color, gives you a fashion look to die for. Put on some black boots and a big purse. A lot of bracelets and rings are always a must in these natural looks. Put on your favorite sunglasses and you are ready to go.


Look 4: All black

Put on your high black boots under your black pants and this gives you such an elegant look already. Combining that with a black sweater and a black purse makes it of course more black 🙂 but putting a long jacket in a color of your choice will give you that right amount of color in your outfit! Elegant but fierce!


Look 5: Rock it girl

This last look is so cute! Combine your favorite rock shirt with a big cognac colored jacket. Black pants, boots and a cute purse gives it the perfect winter look! You maybe think this is cold because it is only a t-shirt, but when you put on a thick jacket and another t-shirt underneath, it will give you a lot of warmth. If it’s a really cold day, putting on a black scarf is also a good idea with this look. Together with some jewellery and cute sunglasses you will be the rock chick in the group!