Taking care of your skin is the number one priority. In the winter it gets cold and your skin can get very dry. That’s why I am going to give you these essentials, so that your face is smooth and healthy all winter long! But also for summer are these products very useful.


This product is a refreshing and hydrating mist that has been so nice to my skin. It works so well on bare skin. But also on a makeup look. Because of the aloe vera and the herbs it gives you a glow and nourishes your skin. I love taking this with me in my bag and spray it whenever I feel like my skin is getting dry or needs a little bit of reboosting. You can also get this product in 2 other variants. Green and Purple. These have other ingredients and have another purpose for your skin.

Drying lotion

This drying lotion is a fast-acting, effective acne spot treatment that really works. I always put on a small layer on every blemish I have. Shake the bottle before using, so that the two product blend together. It will shrink blemishes overnight without drying or irritating. Waking up after using this product, the blemish is almost gone.

Anti-blemish solution

This kit of 3 is perfect for when you have break outs. Cleansing your face is a step you need to do no matter what. It get’s rid of all the dirt that accumulates in your pores. This way you will get less acne. After cleansing you need to tone your skin. With this toner you exfoliate your skin. It removes the dead skin cells. Last thing to do is moisturize. Hydrate your skin is the most important thing. Certainly in the winter when your skin is getting dry.


As I said before moisturizing your skin is very important. So I wanted to show you one product that I love and use a lot. This moisturizer nourishes your skin all day long. It feels very refreshing and gives your skin a boost.

Lip balm

We DO NOT like chapped lips! So moisturizing your lips is very important. This lip balm is heaven!!! I recently got this Caudalie lip balm and it changed a lot. It lays a thick layer on your lips, and it stays very long. I hate it when i have to reapply my lip balm every 10 minutes. What I like to do in the morning is take a little bit of makeup remover on a cotton pad and go over my lips. Then take a towel and rush over my lips to remove all dead cells and then apply the lip balm. This way it deeply nourishes your lips.


Facemasks are must haves in your skin care routine. You have a lot of different ones that have a different focus on the skin. I love the facemasks from LUSH, this is a store with products that are 100% vegetarian, is handmade and figts animal testing. The products smell so good! And the facemasks really help. Best thing is that they have a lot of different collors. You know what that means? PICTURE 😉