How can you make a beautiful makeup look, if you don’t know what brushes to use? Well, don’t worry! I am here to help you and tell you all about it. The essential brushes you need to have in your collection are right here.

When I started using makeup, knowing what brushes to use was very hard. Oh yeah, and having sort of quality brushes is good! Using hard hair brushes isn’t nice to use. So investing in some quality ones is the best thing to do, if you really want a good makeup look.

First things first, Foundation

This brush is used for foundation. The hairs are firmly packed, so that liquid foundation is easy to buff into your skin. When you use a brush where the hairs are not as close to each other, the foundation will fall down and there is a lot of product that’s getting lost. You can also use a beauty blender, but I personally like using a brush.



Bronze it up baby!

You know the feeling in the winter having pale skin and looking like a ghost. Well bronze your skin up with a bronzer and you will get a beautiful sun kissed look. I personally love using a big brush. That gives you a more subtle look. And gives you an even effect. And that is what we all want, right? Use this brush and make a 3 on both sides of your face. From the temple to the hollow of the cheek bone and make the 3 complete under the jawline.

Rosy cheeks for the win

Having a little bit of color on the cheeks is always a good idea. This brush is small and compact. Just the right size to give your cheeks that rosy look and not over do it. The best thing is that this brush is super cheap and good quality!



Shine bright like a diamond.

Glowing cheeks is a must. You can use different brushes. Everyone has an other preference. I like to use a brush like the first one. But using a fan brush gives you also a beautiful glow. With a fan brush you can be more detailed on your cheeks. Using a smaller brush, like the first one. Gives you more pigment.

It’s all about the eyes

Smokey eyes, bronze eye look,… These two brushes are must haves if you want to complete a good look. The first one is a blending brush. It has longer hairs that are close to each other and feather out. Use it with a light color of your choice in the crease and blend it out towards your brow bone. This gives you a beautiful wash of color that is blended. If you want a darker look, start using a light color and then add the darker color in the crease. This way it will give you a more blended look. The second brush is a packer brush. If you used the blending brush in your crease, and would like a pop of colour, glitter,… on your lid, this is the brush to use. It is easy to pack on pigments and tap it on your eye. Because of the shape and hairs that are close to each other.

Brows, Brows, Brows

You can have a beautiful eye look, but brows are important to. It’s the frame of your face. This brush has 2 in 1. The bottom side is to brush out your brows and make your hairs all go the same way. The other side is for coloring. You can take an eyeshadow in the color of your brows or a pomade, your choice. Because this brush is small and detailed, it’s easy to shape your brow how you want it to.

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