In July I made a 7-day trip with my mom and sister to Barcelona. We had a really good time and I wanted to share my experience with you. I am going to take you step by step to what you can do and how to get there 🙂 hope you like it. If you do please leave a comment and share with your friends!


We flew with Ryanair from Brussels airport to Barcelona El Prat. Flying with Ryanair is most of the time a lot cheaper then other airlines. We only booked hand luggage, this way we didn’t have to wait for checking in our luggage. We just walk through security and waited for our flight.


I booked a taxi on the site Welcomepickups. It was very easy. You make a profile where you can say what you are going to do, with who you are and you can even book tours, tickets for Sagrada Familia… They give you the price that you have to pay in advance. And this price is the same or less than what you have to if you take a taxi without knowing price in advance. What’s easy about this site is that you don’t have to worry about the money because it’s already paid. But they also let you know who is driving you to your destination. You get a picture of your driver so that you can recognize him/her. The driver that drove us to our hotel could speak English very well. He told us stories about buildings we passed during the ride and things we could do during our time in barcelona and gave us tips and tricks.


Well let me say one thing. The view of this hotel is AMAZING! Although there were some things that we didn’t like about the hotel, most of it was good. We stayed in the SB glow hotel. The room, location, food,… was very good. We had a room with a master bed and 2 small bed’s. Our room also did have a terras. The location of this hotel was very good. It was not busy around, but still very close to a lot of things. We were a couple blocks away from Glòries and also close to some cute little restaurants.

Metro/ bus

The subway and bus were very easy to reach from were we stayed. You can choose to buy a single ticket but if you are there for a couple of days and are planning to use the metro/bus more times you can also get a 10 turnstile card. It is usable 10 times and is a lot cheaper than buying 10 single tickets. When you choose the 10 turnstile card you can get a lot of different opportunities. You can visit Sagrada Famìlia for free or for a different price. We didn’t know until we already bought single tickets. But if you don’t want to make that mistake you can search on the internet how you can get this card. I used the TMB app, this was super easy to use and fast. You can choose where to go, with wich vehicle and the app will show you where you are, where to go and when you need to get off.


We used tripadvisor to see where we could eat. There were a lot of cute placed with delicious food! I will share You can check out some hotspots I loved on my account on Urban journalist .

Things to do

• Glòries

Glòries is a big shopping centre with a lot of cute shops. You can shop, get food and just have an amazing time. There are shops in the underground area and on the ground floor. It was easy to reach because it was very close to our hotel.

• Sagrada Famìlia

• Beach

• La Ramblas

You can shop till you drop. So many lovely shops.

• Park güell